Penobscot Ridge Mountain Bike Trail

In 2005, Earth Conservancy completed work on its Penobscot Ridge Mountain Bike Trail.  The area – 1,557 acres in all – encompasses large reclaimed tracts to the south of Wanamie, and conserved properties along Penobscot Ridge.  The official trail begins at one of two trailheads, both of which have parking and picnic facilities.  There is a main riding path, generally easy to moderate, which is suitable for families.  There are also many unofficial trails throughout the area as well.  Overall, the combination of trails, open fields, woodlands, valley views, and non-dangerous mine features offer all users a varied, fun, and rewarding ride. Click here for a printable trail map of the Penobscot Ridge Bike Trail.

Getting to the Bike Trail:
  • Take Exit 2 (Middle Road)
  • Turn left onto Middle Road; follow until it ends at stop sign
  • Turn left; follow road, bearing right until the next stop sign
  • Turn left onto the Kirmar Parkway
  • Follow the Kirmar Parkway for approximately 3/4-mile to the Regional Equipment Center (on left)
  • Parking for Trailhead #1 is just before the Regional Equipment Center, marked by a large green DEP Reclamation sign
  • Parking for Trailhead #2 is further down the Kirmar Parkway, accessed by turning left onto Brown Row.  The trailhead is 1/4 mile on right.