Earth Conservancy’s Board of Directors serves in a volunteer capacity, with each member contributing time, insight, and expertise to help carry out EC’s mission.



Generally, Earth Conservancy’s Board of Directors’ meetings are held on a quarterly basis at EC’s offices at 101 South Main Street in Ashley. Meetings are open to the public. The public session begins at 8:30 AM. For further information, please call 570.823.3445.

Earth Conservancy would like to acknowledge the support and guidance provided by the following former board members:


Margaret Bakker Stephen Barrouk Thomas A. Blaskiewicz
Christopher Breiseth, Ph.D. Mark R. Dingman Joseph A. Frank, Sr. (1926-2014)
Joseph Gilmour, Ph.D. Anne L. Glauber (1953-2017) Joseph A. Hillan (1934-2009)
A. Peter Kanjorski (1935-2012) Diane Kopcha Katlic, Esq. Rev. James Lackenmier
Gary F. Lamont James Manley Robert K. Matley
Bernard McGurl Robert K. Mericle Lawrence Newman
Rev. Thomas O’Hara, Ph.D. Harold Rose (1935-2004) Edward Schechter (1920-2011)
Susan W. Shoval Rhea P. Simms Harold C. Snowdon, Jr. (1938-2016)
Marleen A. Troy, Ph.D, PE  Joseph Yudichak