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Looking for info about EC? You’ve come to the right place! Discover more about our story, values, and the dedicated individuals who fuel our mission.

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Snippet of map from Earth Conservancy's original Land Use Plan.


Check out recent updates, success stories, and upcoming initiatives through our dedicated News & Events page. Each post is another piece in EC’s commitment to sustainable progress in the lower Wyoming Valley of northeastern PA. For even more up-to-the-moment coverage, follow us on Facebook!

Bulldozer pushing spoil material amid large waste rock piles.


In 1995, EC published its first newsletter, strategically timed to coincide with the start of our first land use study, with the aim of keeping the public aware and involved. Here, sift through three decades of publications, exploring the evolution of our mission, milestones, and the stories that have shaped our journey.

Orange pond surrounded by cattails, grasses, and trees.


From its inception, EC has been a trailblazer in transforming the region through its planning, reclamation, conservation, redevelopment, and education initiatives. That work hasn’t gone unnoticed! See some of the accolades we’ve received at the local, state, and national levels.

Leaf-covered trail with birch and other trees along both sides.


In 1992, EC began as a great experiment to “solve human and environmental problems” through developing creative, institutional, scientific, and technical mechanisms to improve the quality of life in northeastern PA. As an organization, we’ve refined that mission over the years. See where we stand today.

Woman talking to two students about wetlands at display in park.


From groundbreaking partnerships to innovative project design, our Board of Directors guides every step of EC’s mission of regional revitalization. Meet the passionate individuals who drive our work forward. Together, they bring diverse expertise, unwavering commitment, and a shared dedication to making a positive difference in our community.


For EC, it’s always been about collaboration. The success we’ve achieved could never have been accomplished alone. Explore our network of valued partners who have and continue to contribute to our shared goals and help to amplify our impact. Only together can we foster innovation and drive change for our communities.

Woman talking to two students about wetlands at display in park.


With 30 years behind us, the images we’ve collected of projects (and people!) are many. Although some of what you’ll find here are still featured on pages and posts, many of them are no longer used. Take a look to see more of our history and evolution over the years.