Located in the Flats section of Plymouth Township, Earth Conservancy’s community garden has been a staple of the summer growing season for residents in the Lower South Valley.

From the beginning, EC has supported a “triple bottom line,” i.e., a desire to improve the environment, economy, and communities in which we work. EC’s community garden, started in 2000, grew out of this philosophy. It not only benefits residents’ well-being, but also makes good, environmentally-friendly use of former coalmining land. The garden is located on property leased by EC to a local farmer. Each year along the edge of his cornfield, he reserves and tills a 1/2 acre for us. There, EC and volunteers stake out 35 large plots, which are offered free-of-charge to residents, including water. Upgrades were made to the site in 2021 thanks to support from the PA Department of Agriculture and Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation.

Registration for EC’s Community Garden currently is CLOSED.  Registration opens in January. Plots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and assignments are limited by availability. Interested? For further information, email Elizabeth W. Hughes.