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EC gathered with the Newport Township community to dedicate a new statue honoring the area’s coal miners. The event, hosted by Newport United and Newport Township, featured speakers who shared a dual message with the crowd. On one hand, they underscored the sacrifices of the miners and of the arduous conditions they faced. On the other hand, they spoke of the miners’ resiliency and desire for a better future. The statue will serve as a reminder of these traits, and as an inspiration forward. EC provided major support for the project, part of Newport Township’s ongoing celebration of its 250th anniversary. Statements from participating officials/stakeholders are provided in this story from the Times Leader.

Photos, left to right: 1.) Joe Hillan (Manager, Newport Township, and EC board member); Terry Ostrowski (President/CEO, Earth Conservancy); Joe Frank (President, Centralia Coal Sales, and EC board member); 2.) Closeup of the statue; 3.) Front: Joe Hillan, Newport Township; John Zyla, Newport Township/Newport UnitedBack: Terry Ostrowski, Earth Conservancy; Joe Frank, Earth Conservancy; State Representative Alec Ryncavage; State Senator, Lisa Baker; Reverend Louis Kaminski; Paul Czapracki, Newport Township; John Telencho, City of Nanticoke; Michael Marcella, City of Nanticoke; Mike Shay, Office of US Representative Dan Meuser; Stephen Phillips, Newport Township Community Organization; Jack Vishnefski, Newport Township; Peter Wanchisen, Newport Township

Three men stand outdoors on either side of a granite statute carved to resemble a miner with a helmet and lunch pail.
Closeup of face of miner wearing a helmet with light, carved in granite, against a bright blue sky with fragmented white clouds.
Group of 12+ men and women standing in line outdoors on either side of a granite memorial carved to resemble a coal miner with helmet and lunch pail.