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It’s always a pleasure to work with a younger generation, as we did presenting to students participating in Leadership Northeast‘s Junior Program 2024. We spent some time talking about the region’s industrial history, its effects on the area, and EC’s efforts to bring about both environmental and economic revitalization. Participants then had the opportunity to do their own land use planning for our Hanover 7A site, getting a taste of how we collaboratively design the communities we live in. Students were engaged, insightful, and full of smart perspectives on creating sustainable – while pragmatic – uses for the land. Balancing green spaces with development, accessible transportation networks, fostering thriving economies were all in the mix. And interestingly, many of their ideas mirrored our own for a public recreation area! It’s inspiring to see such passion and critical thinking in the next generation. Like to learn more about this highly regarded program for local high school students? Visit Junior Leadership Northeast. Applications available!

Closeup of face of miner wearing a helmet with light, carved in granite, against a bright blue sky with fragmented white clouds.
Three men stand outdoors on either side of a granite statute carved to resemble a miner with a helmet and lunch pail.
Group of 12+ men and women standing in line outdoors on either side of a granite memorial carved to resemble a coal miner with helmet and lunch pail.