Closeup of face of miner wearing a helmet with light, carved in granite, against a bright blue sky with fragmented white clouds.
Three men stand outdoors on either side of a granite statute carved to resemble a miner with a helmet and lunch pail.

Earth Conservancy and the Industrial Archives & Library (IAL) of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, held a celebratory event to officially mark their partnership to conserve and preserve the historic records of the former Glen Alden Corporation. The two organizations have been working towards this goal for several years, most recently with the IAL starting on-site sorting, cleaning, organizing, and storage activities. Through the agreement, IAL will assume ownership of the coal companies’ records for the purpose of preparing them and making them accessible for research by historians, scholars and the public. Already, many items have been formally cataloged in the Records of the Glen Alden Collection

1.) Steve Donches of IAL signs agreement formalizing the Glen Alden archival project, while EC’s Terry Ostrowski, looks on.

2.) Advertising memorabilia from the Glen Alden/Blue Coal Archives.

3.) Project principals, left to right: Nick Zmijewski, Archivist, IAL; Mike Korb, Trustee, IAL; Mike Dziak, past President/CEO of EC; Steve Donches, President/CEO, IAL; Terry Ostrowski, President/CEO, EC: Rick Ruggiero, past Property Documentation Specialist & Survey Coordinator, EC