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Aerial landscape view of two man-made ponds and several banks of coal waste in forested, mountain area

An excellent start to the new year for EC, thanks to a crucial $1.3 million grant from the PA Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP). Awarded through the AML/AMD Grant Program, the funds will support a comprehensive evaluation of 3,000 acres in Newport Township heavily impacted by historical mining activities, including culm banks, highwalls, and deep pits. With the funding, EC will initiate a multi-pronged approach to assess and rehabilitate the land. Working with an engineer, EC will survey the property and to perform environmental site assessments and wetland, habitat, and archeological screenings. Geotechnical investigations and environmental sampling also will be completed. The data will determine site constraints and earthwork requirements, as well as inform stormwater management plans and permitting. This thorough examination will pave the way for further investigations and informed decision-making in the area.

A list of all projects funded in Round 2 of the AML/AMD Program are available in PADEP’s press release. To learn more about the AML/AMD Program on PADEP’s webpage.