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  In Progress •​ 200 acres • Nanticoke, Hanover Township, & Newport Township, Luzerne County, PA

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The 200 acres of Bliss Bank were mined extensively by the Blue Coal Corporation, and then left ravaged with massive culm banks and pits.  As shown in the pre-reclamation photos, little could survive on the black piles.  Mining activity also disrupted local hydrology, with engineers diverting Espy Run, a local stream, underground so as not to hinder production.

EC’s work on Bliss started in 2005, with the removal and reprocessing of the coal piles for electrical co-generation.  Phased reclamation then began in 2014.  Work at the Bliss site also includes reconstruction of over 6,000 feet of damaged stream channel (i.e., the Espy Run Stream Restoration Project). In total, the projects will move approximately 830,000 cubic yards of material.

July 2021 | Phase I, II, and III sold to NorthPoint Development.  Two buildings are planned for the site.

May 2021 | Reclamation of Phase III completed.

June 2020 | EC awarded $2.8 million grant for Phase IV reclamation from PA DEP through the AML Pilot Program (±22 acres),

August 2019 | Proposals solicited for design services for Bliss Bank, Phases IV & V (±42 acres / ±50 acres).

June 2019 | EC receives $500,000 Brownfields Cleanup grant from US EPA for Phase V.

May 2019 | Bids for Phase III received.  James T. O’Hara, Inc., engaged as lowest qualified bidder.

April 2019 | RFP published soliciting bids for reclamation of Phase III, which also includes part of Espy Run reconstruction, utility tie-ins, and access road work.

October 2018 | EC solicits bids for engineering services for Phase III.  G. Albert is selected as lowest qualified bidder.

April 2018 | EC awarded $2.5 million grant through the AML Pilot Program for reclamation of Phase III (±22 acres), which also will include roadway, stream (Espy Run), and utility work.

January 2018 | T. Brennan mobilizes and begins reclamation of Phase II.

June 2017 | Reilly Associates completes plans & specifications and permitting requirements; and solicit bids for construction work.  T. Brennan is selected as the lowest qualified bidder.  US EPA awards two $200,000 Brownfields Cleanup grants for Phase III.

August 2016 | EC seeks engineering consultant for Phase II through public ad.  Reilly Associates is selected.

July 2016 | EC has site flown to develop current topographic maps for future phases of work.

April 2016 | Phase I plans revised to accommodate shortfall of material.  EC receives $734,600 PA DEP Growing Greener award for Phase II (±22 acres).

October 2015:  Part of reclamation is complete and is seeded.  Earthwork continues and completion of detention basin is delayed due to water/mud.

March 2015 | Stell starts reclamation work.

November – December 2014 | EC publicly advertises for construction services for Phase I.  Contract is awarded to Stell Enterprises, the lowest qualified bidder.

August 2014 | Engineer finalizes plans and specifications, as well as permitting submissions.

January 2014 | PA DEP awards EC a $928,000 Growing Greener grant for reclamation of Bliss Bank, Phase I.

June 2013 | EC publicly solicits bids for engineering services.  EC engages Quad 3 Group, the lowest qualified bidder.

May 2013 | EC awarded two $200,000 Brownfields Cleanup grants from US EPA for the Phase I project.

February 2013 | EC awarded $46,750 Growing Greener grant from PA DEP to support engineering design for reclamation of Bliss Bank, Phase I (±40 acres).

July 2007 | Removal of 125,000 tons of material completed, which equates to ±48,000 MW of electricity.  Stabilization of site occurs and area is seeded in the fall.

June 2007 | New haul route approved by PA DEP, which reduces transportation costs.

April 2007 | Alternative haul road constructed, per PA DEP requirements; removal of material begins.

March 2007 | Additional $88,000 in Energy Harvest funding awarded to increase amount of culm processed.

November 2005 | PA DEP awards EC $602,000 Energy Harvest grant for remining of culm banks at Bliss for cogeneration of electricity.

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$1,164,559 – US EPA, Brownfields Cleanup Program
$1,710,720 – PA DEP, Growing Greener Program
$2,475,200 – PA DEP, AML Pilot Program
$570,900 – PA DCED, Multimodal Transportation Fund
$1,487,800 – EC

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Transformation of the Lower South Valley (NorthPoint Development, November 2023)

Bliss Bank | Pre-reclamation

Bliss Bank, Phase I

Bliss Bank, Phase II

Bliss Bank, Phase III

Site Development, Bliss Bank, Phases I – III

Bliss Bank, Phase IV