Warrior Run

View of the reclaimed mine dump off of Slope Street in Warrior Run.

In 2014, Earth Conservancy was awarded an EPA Brownfields Cleanup grant for its Warrior Run reclamation project.  Located off of Slope Street, and adjacent to a residential neighborhood, the area was covered with mine spoils that had been dumped by local collieries decades ago.  Aerial views showed the waste rock trailing through the woods like fingers. Illegal dumping on the site was a common problem.  Reclamation activities occurred in 2015.  Now appearing as a healthy meadow, the site will eventually be made available for residential development.

Warrior Run:  Pre-Construction

Since the area surrounding the mine spoils was forested, Earth Conservancy had contractors construct an access road to reach the site.  The baffle on the left side of the image is a silt sock, which prevents erosion and sedimentation during construction work.

Warrior Run:  Construction Phase

An example of the finger-like piles of spoils that trailed through the woods.  A bulldozer is working on grading operations.

Warrior Run:  Construction Phase

Continued grading of spoil material.

Warrior Run:  Construction Phase

Section of graded slope.

Warrior Run:  Construction Phase

After a layer of topsoil capped residual spoils, the site was seeded and covered with protective mats.

Warrior Run:  Post-Construction

The reclaimed Warrior Run site, covered with spring grasses.  The vegetation not only acts as habitat, but also prevents further erosion of the site.

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