2011  •  180 acres  •  Hanover Township, Luzerne County, PA

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The proximity of Huber Bank to S.R. 29 and I-81, nearby infrastructure, and its location at the entrance to the Hanover Industrial Estates, made it a priority for reclamation.  With its completion, EC recovered over 330 acres of abandoned mine lands clustered around Exit #1 of S.R. 29.  Other projects included Huber I, Huber II, the Greater Hanover Area Recreation Area; the Sugar Notch residential area; and Preston Bank.  The Huber III/IV property was sold in 2014, with NorthPoint Development as the final owner.  NorthPoint constructed three buildings on the site, which are currently leased to, Adidas, and DHL Supply Chain for Patagonia.

December 2011 | Reclamation of Huber IV complete.

March 2011 | Reclamation resumes after winter shutdown period.

January 2010 | Contract for reclamation work awarded to Stell Enterprises and work begins.

November 2009 | Specification plans and specifications completed, with work divided into two projects.  The first, smaller project was for construction of an access road, which was awarded to NB Enterprises.  The second was for the reclamation work.

July 2009 | Sale of Huber IV to EC completed.  EC begins engineering design activities.

April 2009 | Site analysis completed, supporting project viability.  EC moves forward to purchase the tract.

November 2008 | EC contracts firm for formal site analysis of Huber IV, including environmental, infrastructure, and economic opportunities and challenges.

October 2008 | EC approved for second Business in Our Sites loan/grant from PA DCED for the Huber IV reclamation.

May 2008 | Reclamation completed.

September 2007 | EC executes additional loan agreement.

March 2007 | Reclamation of Huber III begins.

December 2006 | Permits approved and bids for construction services are solicited.  Proposals received exceed funds available.  Consequently, additional funding is sought.

March 2006 | Reclamation plans completed and permit applications submitted.

September 2005 | Contract awarded to Borton Lawson to complete engineering design and permitting services for the Huber III project.

May 2005 | EC approved for project financing by PA DCED through the Business in Our Sites program.

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$7,129,000 – EC

$2,242,000 – PA DCED

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Aerial view of the ravaged Huber Bank site, the gateway to the Hanover Industrial Estates along New Commerce Boulevard. Phases I and II, which had already been reclaimed, are to the site's south. The I-81 interchange is in the southeast corner.

A closer look at the unreclaimed site.

Huber Bank was covered with massive piles of culm (i.e., residual mining waste).

There were also deep pits, prone to instability and erosion. Additionally, any precipitation (e.g., rain, snow) would seep through the piles and contribute to AMD production in the watershed.

Grading activity on the site.

Continued grading activity.

Graded section of the Huber site.

Continued grading.

Same section, after hydroseeding.

After initial vegetation took hold, EC planted trees on the site to reduce erosion and improve environmental improvement.

View of the reclaimed Huber site from above the Hanover Area Recreation Area.

Huber III & IV were purchased in 2014, changing hands several times. The final purchaser was Missouri-based NorthPoint Development, who constructed three distribution centers housing, Adidas, and DHL Supply Chain for Patagonia.

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