2009  •  14 acres  •  Hanover Township, Luzerne County, PA

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Adjacent to a neighborhood, Franklin Bank was an unsightly 13.82-acre barren pile of mine spoils.  EC was awarded a Brownfields Cleanup grant in 2005 to reclaim it – no easy task as thousands of tons of material had to be removed, not only to make the site developable, but also to remove a source of AMD in the Solomon Creek watershed.  The project was completed in 2009 and the property purchased by a local developer in 2010 with the plan of constructing 46 two-story duplex homes.  Construction began on the Sunny Hills development in 2016.

August 2009 | Final grading and seeding of site completed.

June 2009 | Removal of culm material completed.

December 2008 | Approximately 50% of reclamation is complete and re-vegetated; 80% of stormwater work finished.  Removal of remaining culm continues.

May 2008 | Contractor selected and work begins.

March 2008 | EC publicly solicits bids for construction services.

January – February 2008 | EC publicly advertises availability of ABCA.  Public meeting is held February 25th.  No comments are received.

April – December 2007 | Revisions to work plan made and submitted to US EPA for review.  Comments received, EC resubmits, and ABCA approved.

December 2006 | Construction bids for Franklin Bank reclamation solicited.  Bids received surpass available grant funds.  Revision of reclamation plan requested.

October 2006 | On-site meeting held with EC, Borton Lawson, and US EPA to inspect site and review project requirements.

July 2006 | Luzerne Conservation District approves stormwater management plan.

April 2006 | Hanover Township approves zoning request for removal of culm.

March 2006 | Borton Lawson completes conceptual design and submits requests for required permits.

December 2005 | After receiving approval from US EPA, EC engages Borton Lawson for the Franklin Bank project.

November 2005 | EC solicits proposals for engineering design and permitting services.

May 2005 | US EPA awards EC $200,000 Brownfields Cleanup grant.

November 2003 | EC engages Borton Lawson to perform topographic survey and assess reclamation costs and development alternatives for Franklin Bank.

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$200,000 – US EPA, Brownfields Cleanup Grant

$137,000 – EC

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Historical aerial view of the mine spoils left at Franklin Bank in Hanover Township.

The Franklin Bank site was covered in massive, highly unstable piles of mine spoils. The acidity in the material prohibited any vegetative growth.

Another view of the spoil piles as they're excavated and removed from the site.

Continued excavation., showing the proximity of homes to the spoil piles.

Grading continues.

Grading of the site nears completion. Remaining spoil material is capped with a layer of topsoil.

Site has been re-vegetated with a grass seed blend. In this view, stormwater infrastructure is visible.

Aerial view of the reclaimed Franklin Bank.

Purchased by a local developer, the Franklin Bank site is now home to a small residential community.

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