2014  •  City of Nanticoke & Hanover Township, Luzerne County, PA

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At 390 acres, Hanover 9 was one of EC’s larger sites that required reclamation.  Previously, the Blue Coal Corporation had performed exploratory drilling throughout the property in search of anthracite deposits.  None were found.  the company left the site in its disturbed state with uneven terrain punctuated by numerous deep, water-filled pits.

EC began to address the property in 2011, dividing it into smaller sections based on topography and available funds.  Reclamation of all parcels were completed in 2014. In 2018, Missouri-based NorthPoint Development purchased the majority of the site, planning to construct three buildings projected to create 1,550 jobs.

August 2014 | All site work is completed and hydroseeding occurs.

June - July 2014 | Reclamation continues.

May 2014 | Reclamation continues, including work on third stormwater basin (Parcel D).  Additionally, two tree planting events are held with PEC and EPCAMR on Phase I / Parcel A.  Approximately 60 trees are planted.

April 2014 | Rock lined swales are under construction, as well as second stormwater basin on Parcel C.

March 2014 | Reclamation begins, including excavation of first stormwater basin on Parcel B.

February 2014 | Contractor begins preparation of site and installation of erosion and sedimentation controls.

July 2013 | Bids are recieved.  Contract is awarded to Earthmovers Unlimited, the lower qualified bidder.

June 2013 | EC publicly advertises for construction services for the Phase II reclamation project.

March 2013 | Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) receives Growing Greener grant from PA DEP to support tree plantings on the Phase I / Parcel A site.

January 2013 | Design plans are completed and permitting requests are made.

September - December 2012 | ABCA for Phase II reclamation is completed, submitted to US EPA, and advertised for public review.  Public meeting is held.  No comments are received.

June 2012 | Reclamation of Parcel A is completed.

April 2012 | Reclamation activities start on Phase I / Parcel A.

March 2012 | Phase I bids are received.  Project is awarded to Popple Contruction, the lowest qualified bidder.

February 2012 | Public meeting held.  No comments are received.

January 2012 | EC advertises availability of ABCA and public comment period begins. Phase I revisions are completed and bids for construction phase are again publicly solicited.

December 2011 | Bids received exceed available funds.  Phase I project undergoes revisions.

September 2011 | Phase I project plans and specifications completed, and bids are solicited.

March 2011 | Required permit applications submitted to PA DEP, Luzerne Conservation District, and US Fish & Wildlife Service for Phase I.

January 2011 | PA DEP awards EC s $400,000 Growing Greener grant for the Phase II reclamation.

April 2010 | US EPA awards EC three $200,000 Brownfields Cleanup grants for the reclamation of Phase II / Parcels B, C, and D.

May 2009 | US EPA awards EC a $200,000 Brownfields Cleanup grant for the Phase I / Parcel A reclamation project.

April 2009 | EC requests bids for engineering design and permitting services.  A contract is awarded.

February 2009 | EC awarded $400,000 Growing Greener grant from PA DEP for the Phase 1 / Parcel A reclamation project.

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US EPA, Brownfields Cleanup Grants | $800,000

PA DEP, Growing Greener Grants | $800,000

EC | $111,693

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Aerial view of Hanover 9 with the pit-marked landscape apparent. Luzerne County Community College, Nanticoke, and the Greater Nanticoke High School campus all border the west side of the site.

The damage at Hanover 9 was due to strip mining activities in search of coal reserves. Although none were found, the land was left disturbed, including large mounds of overburden.

Pits were another result of the failed exploration. Over time, they filled with water, which stagnated.

The size and seclusion of H9 lent to it becoming an ideal site for illegal dumping.

Preliminary engineering design work divided Hanover 9 into four primary area, with a large section planned for conversation. The unmarked green section on the southeastern side of the property was donated to PA DOT for construction of the South Valley Parkway.

Work beginning on Phase I / Parcel A, directly across from the entrance to Luzerne County Community College on Kosciuszko Street.

Work filling one of the exploratory mining pits on Hanover 9.

Grading operations on Phase I / Parcel A.

Work on one of the Hanover 9 stormwater management channels.

View of seeding work on one of the completed stormwater basins.

View of part of the completed Hanover 9, Phase II site. A stormwater basin can be seen in the back of the image.

Hanover 9 was purchased in 2018 by NorthPoint Development. Here, the future Spreetail distribution center can be seen under construction.

Aerial view of the True Value 1.4 million SF distribution center on Hanover 9 - at the time, the largest type of this facility in northeastern PA.

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