Nanticoke, Hanover Township, & Newport Township, Luzerne County, PA

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The 200 acres of Bliss Bank were mined extensively by the Blue Coal Corporation, and then left ravaged with massive culm banks and pits.  As shown in the pre-reclamation photos, little could survive on the black piles.  Mining activity also disrupted local hydrology, with engineers diverting Espy Run, a local stream, underground so as not to hinder production.

EC’s work on Bliss started in 2005, with the removal and reprocessing of the coal piles for electrical cogeneration.  Phased reclamation then began in 2014.  Work at the Bliss site also includes reestablishment of Espy Run (follow progress on that project here).  In total, the projects will move approximately 830,000 cubic yards of material.

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Bliss Bank | Pre-reclamation

Bliss Bank, Phase I

Bliss Bank, Phase II

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