Community Garden

From the beginning, Earth Conservancy has consistently supported a “triple bottom line,” i.e., a desire to improve the economy, the environment, and the communities in which we work. EC’s community garden grew out of this philosophy, not only benefiting residents’ well-being, but also making good, environmentally-friendly use of former coalmining lands. EC established the garden in 2000 on property it had leased to a local farmer. That first year, approximately 20 plots were filled. By 2001, the number of plots had nearly doubled, and a waiting list was in effect. Since that time, the garden has been an annual fixture in EC’s schedule, with participants returning year after year.  We find a large variety of crops, although occasionally an ornamental flower blooms.  Plots and water are provided free by EC. Generally, the garden runs from mid-May to mid-October.  For more information, contact Elizabeth Hughes at 570.823.3445.

Registration for EC’s Community Garden is OPEN.  To request a plot, please call Elizabeth Hughes at 570.823.3445.