Board of Directors

Earth Conservancy Board of Directors are a volunteer board, each of whom donates his or her time, attending quarterly meetings as well as sitting on a variety of committees within the board that serve to guide the overall mission of the organization.

At this time, Earth Conservancy Board of Directors is as follows:


    John D. McCarthy, Chairman


    Rev. John J. Ryan, C.S.C., Ph.D., Vice-Chairman


    Thomas E. Lawson, P.E., P.L.S., Treasurer


  • Daryl Pawlush, Secretary
  • Michael A. Dziak, President/CEO




         John Cavanaugh

         President, Central Clay Products, Inc.

    Kelly M. Ciravolo, Esq.

    Mahler, Lohin & Associates, LLC

  • Joseph A. Frank, Jr.
  • President, Centrailia Coal Sales Co.

    Joseph C. Hillan

    Supervisor, Newport Township Department of Public Works


    Michael J. Johnson

    Executive Vice-President, Lewith and Freeman Real Estate, Inc.

    Thomas E. Lawson, P.E., P.L.S., Treasurer

    Exec. VP of Client Development & Quality,

    Borton-Lawson Architecture and Engineering

       Thomas P. Leary

President, Luzerne County Community College

    John D. McCarthy, Chairman

    President, McCarthy Tire Service Company

       Kathy L. Pape

President, Pennsylvania American Water

  • Daryl Pawlush, Secretary
  • Projects Principal, Penn Eastern Engineering

Rev. John J. Ryan, C.S.C., Ph.D., Vice-Chairman

President, King’s College


Marleen A. Troy, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor, Dept. of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences;

Director, Sustainability Management Program, Wilkes University



    Earth Conservancy Board of Directors’ meetings are held generally on a quarterly basis and are open to the public.

    Our offices are located at 101 S. Main St., Ashley PA 18706. The public session begins at 8:30 a.m. For further

    information, please call 570-823-3445.

     Earth Conservancy would like to acknowledge the support and guidance provided by the following former board members:


Margaret Bakker

James Manley

Stephen Barrouk

Robert K. Matley

Thomas A. Blaskiewicz

Bernard McGurl

Christopher Breiseth, Ph.D.

Robert K. Mericle

Mark R. Dingman

Lawrence Newman

Joseph A Frank, Sr.

Rev. Thomas O’Hara, Ph.D.

Joseph Gilmour, Ph.D.

Harold Rose (1935-2004)

Anne L. Glauber

Edward Schechter (1920-2011)

Joseph A Hillan (1934-2009)

Susan W. Shoval

A. Petter Kanjorski (1935-2012)

Rhea P. Simms

Diane Kopcha Katlic, Esq.

Harold Snowdon, Jr.

Rev. James Lackenmier

Joseph Yudichak

Gary F. Lamont




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